Friday, August 17, 2012

Yesterday I almost got in a nap before dinner - and once again was asleep quite early in the evening.  I'm going to assume it's the radiation making me tired, so most likely this will be the 'arrangement' for the next 6 weeks.
  So far there's no sign of 'sun'burn, although they did warn me that side effect most likely won't show up right away - the radiation effects are cummulative.  Still, so far, so good!  As James Stevenson said:
(fun kids' book)

And after I get my energy back, look out, world!  I am eagerly anticipating a trip to Maryland to visit family and friends 'sometime' after October 1 once I'm back to my old self.
And extra HUGS going out to Deb in Tucson, who just had brain surgery after the bleeding the doctors 'were watching' doubled in size.  She sounded as well as could be expected when I talked with her yesterday, though less than thrilled with her new 'hairdo': they shaved half of her head.  (Tami can relate to that, right?) Hope Deb enjoys the flowers I sent her way.
Now just hanging out waiting for it to be time to head over for radiation.  Need I say that it would really make my day to hear that we're all done with the picture taking part?

However, I have decided to stop complaining and discipline myself to just 'get over it' since what I want now, less time absolutely motionless on the hard table in an uncomfortable position (notice how I snuck in one last gripe?) is DEFINITELY way less important than what I want most, an end to my cancer!

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