Monday, August 6, 2012

Finishing up reading The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop: a memoir, a history 
by Lewis Buzbee.
"Buzbee, a former bookseller and sales representative, celebrates the unique experience of the bookstore - the smell and touch of books, the joy of getting lost in the deep canyons of shelves, and the silent community of readers.  He shares his passion for books, which began with ordering through the Weekly Reader in grade school.  Woven throughout is a fascinating historical account of the bookseller trade - from the great Alexandria library with an estimated one million papyrus scrolls to Sylvia Beach's famous Paris bookstore, Shakespeare & Co., that led to the extraordinary effort to publish and sell James Joyce's Ulysses.  Rich with annecdotes, the Yellow-Lighted Bookshop is the perfect choice for those who relish the enduring pleasures of spending an afternoon finding just the right book."
I'll admit that I found some parts of the book more interesting than others, 
but for anyone (like me!) who loves books and bookstores, it's a great read!

Back when I was teaching and had summers off, Echo and I would hit the road for the entire 10 weeks of summer, cruising around the West and camping at hot springs.  I'd stop in every little town and search out their bookstore.  One summer I kept track... and it turned out that I spent more on books than gas!

Of course there are worse things to spend money on, right?

One of my latest 'projects' here at the house has been getting the hard water residue off of our glassware, dishes, and flatware.  Somewhat time-consuming, but so nice (finally!) to have everything sparkle and look clean again!

First thing this morning I called the radiation oncologist's office to try to find out when I'm starting - and it turns out that they're still 'waiting on approval' (from the insurance company?)  Sigh...  Hope it happens soon!

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