Monday, August 13, 2012

I have gotten LOTS accomplished today :-)
First I did laundry and changed the sheets on the bed, then washed a bunch of pots and pans awaiting me in the kitchen sink. Next it was time for some morning errands, starting off with a blood draw once the lab opened. (Now that I'm on the every-three-weeks chemo schedule it also gives my arm a break on being stuck with a needle.)  Unfortunately the scar tissue has gotten so bad that the first tech had no luck, even after poking around under the skin for a while. Good thing I don't have any issues with needles.  And as I commented, better to have difficulties with me rather than with someone like her:

Next I returned a book to the library and then picked up more canned cat food from the vet for Sapphire's dining enjoyment. She doesn't seem to be putting on any weight although she's eating a lot, although she is having better luck keeping down her food.  There's definitely been more than enough of this:  

I was back in plenty of time to straighten up before Bella and her crew arrived to work their magic. It's so nice to have a clean house again! And maybe with a cleaner oven we won't keep setting off the smoke alarm?

Then out into the heat (again) to mail off Lisa's birthday gift. Now that Hallmark (and thus the satellite post office) has closed I had to use another place, which is next door to a Dairy Queen (where I was lured inside by their advertisement of their new blizzard, the one with brownies and M & Ms. Yes, it was yummy.)

Lastly I hit the grocery store. See how much energy I have and how much I got done today? It's absolutely wonderful!!!  Here's hoping that continues after I begin radiation tomorrow!!!

Obviously 'threatening' to take the car in to the shop scared it into behaving better.

 After days of being stuck on 92 degrees it seems to be registering a closer correct outside temperature of 104.  According to the 5:00 news it's already hit 115 this afternoon, thus shattering (by 2 degrees) yet another heat record.  That brings to 8 the number of heat records set here in the past week or so.

And now I think I'll relax for the rest of the evening.

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