Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alex arrived home last night from his California vacation, and it sounds like he had a fantastic time.  The house where he stayed was apparently quite the place, and right off of the beach.  Here he is, in their 'yard', jumping for joy!

He may not be quite as happy at the  moment -
today he started his Fall classes at PVCC.

This morning I had the radiation oncologist show me some of my pictures, 
so now I have a (somewhat) better idea of what the issues are.  
Apparently the difficulties they are having with me are not the norm; guess that 'makes up' for me being in the 5% who make it through chemo with limited side effects.  

Today was a long session (more than 30 minutes of immobility) so it came as no real surprise that by the end I was pins and needles from the shoulder blades on my back down to the tips of my fingers (which felt as huge as sausages by the end.)

Afterward I stopped at the library to pick up some books on hold and also get some help on how to set up my iPad for downloading books from the library.  But as always with me and technology, nothing ever seems to be easy. Good reason for me to stick with DTBs! 

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