Saturday, August 4, 2012

John stopped by yesterday on his way up to Prescott (from Tucson) 
and delivered a beautiful 'beachy' necklace that Robin made for me.
Robin's quite a talented artist!  
(Maybe one reason I like her work is because of all the bright colors?)    

Shortly before bedtime last night I started experiencing vertigo again.  
Nothing as intense as the other time (thank goodness!) but it still concerned me.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get up and let the irrigation water go at 8:08 this morning (Tom left around 5:30 to join John and Rick up in Prescott for the day) so I had to put Alex on notice 'just in case'. The good news is that I felt fine this morning and didn't need to interrupt his beauty sleep.  
Although since he's working a double shift at work today
 it turned out that he had to get up not long after that.

Patti is coming by in a bit to hang out (while Gary has some sort of meeting over at their house), and at some point today I expect Chas to swing by to pick up the rest of the stuff that wouldn't fit into Lisa's car last Sunday.  

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