Saturday, August 11, 2012

Now that my radiation is (finally) scheduled, I called Bella yesterday and arranged for our next house-cleaning.  Since I've been feeling more energetic (just remember that's a relative term) I have been doing dribs and drabs around the house.
 But it certainly will be wonderful to have everything spic and span at the same time, on Monday.

After that my dance card continued to to fill up.  

First the surgeon's office called; now that she has the results of my latest mammogram (which the radiologist told me was fine) she wants to see me for a physical exam.  Then the exterminator called to schedule our next spraying.  He wanted to come on Monday (when the cleaners will be here) or Tuesday (when I have chemo in the morning, radiation in the afternoon.) Wednesday was good for me, but (of course) his schedule was full.  We settled on Thursday. 

Alex went to a party last night (someone's birthday?) where everyone was supposed to dress up as a Superhero (or villain.)  
I helped him with his costume, printing up the logo and sewing it to one of his shirts, and  then attaching an old Halloween cape to the back.  
He said he took lots of pix, which I'll see later.  (I just happened to be up when he rolled in, thanks to Sapphire puking outside my bedroom door at 3:00.)   

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