Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm thinking of Lisa today - it's her first day teaching! - and I am so proud of her.
I remember how excited (and also terrified) I was on my first day teaching (40 years ago, in 1972!)  With that in mind, I sent her some flowers yesterday to help brighten things up; being a first year teacher, her 'decorations' for the classroom would still be somewhat limited.  Here are a couple of pix she sent me of her 8th grade classroom (wish I could read the comic strips.)  

"Nothing worth having comes easily"

It's nice for her that school starts on a Thursday.  That gives her a couple of days to meet with her various classes and see how things are shaping up, go over classroom parameters, have the weekend to adjust and gear up, and then hit the ground running on Monday.  

I started teaching on a Monday, and since it was 4th grade I had an ENTIRE DAY to fill that first day.  Somehow I got through it, but it did seem overwhelming at first.  I'll admit that first week was a long one!

Here are a few of the pins on my Pinterest TEACHING board.  
'Interested parties' can find all 89 teaching pins at

I'd say this pretty much nails it -

I had great intentions of making up one of these for Lisa, 
but somehow <sigh> it never happened.

Teachers are often miracle workers!

Good question!!!

Need I say more?

Would have loved a poster like this for my classroom!

People tend to forget this!!!!!

Hope EVERYONE has a great school year!

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