Friday, August 24, 2012

Radiation went well this morning - everything lined right up (for a change) so I was in and out quickly.

That meant I got home in plenty of time for my next 'appointment'. Amy was at a school workshop right around the corner and was taking me out to eat during her lunch hour. We had a good time and caught up on all sorts of stuff.

Shortly after I got home from lunch Kathi came over with her Sonoran Desert tortoise and we headed over to Mary's house. Mary has four Sonoran Desert tortoises and is hoping to find new homes for a couple of them. Kathi is thinking of adopting one, and also hoped Mary could help her sex her tortoise (very difficult to determine until they reach a certain level of maturity.) It was a nice visit all around, and interesting to see the interactions between the tortoises.

Tonight is neighborhood Bunko. I haven't been energetic enough to attend these past 9 months so I'm really jazzed about going tonight and chatting with all the ladies!

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