Friday, August 10, 2012

This morning I decided to rake up some of the stuff in the jungle outside my bedroom.  Even with our heat it's not so bad since that part of the yard is shaded this time of day.  Plus I can jump in the pool any time and take a break. Which I did - several times. 
As long as I was 'in the neighborhood' I did some major trimmage of the bushes on that side of the house.  After 'adjusting' the oleander at the edge of the hedge (so we can hopefully open that gate a little more easily) 
I found this hummingbird nest while collecting the downed branches.
As many hummers are we have, I'm sure there are nests all over the place; they're just virtually impossible to spot unless we see activity going to-and-fro.  In fact I might have left this branch in situ if I'd spotted the nest before cutting.  Not sure if they reuse their nests.  Marilyn?

And did anyone notice that my first illustration today was an ambigram?  
(That means it reads the same upside down.)  I find those so creative.  

Here are a few more for your viewing enjoyment.  
Of course you'll have to stand on your head to get the full effect...

For your Smile-of-the-Day: Did you hear about the Colorado bear who broke into a chocolate store and pigged out on the goodies? And here you thought bears only ate honey to satisfy their sweet tooth! 

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