Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yesterday I took my car in for an (overdue) oil change.  As long as it was there, I figured I'd have them rotate the tires.  However, it seems that the spare is locked underneath and needs a round hollow key (which  I never received when we got the car) to liberate it.  

I will definitely have to look into that.  And it's a very good thing I found out now, and not down the road when I'm stranded somewhere with a flat!

Spent the rainy afternoon yesterday dozing in bed, and more dozing after dinner.  When I woke up around 11:00 I took a Lunesta and thus slept all night.  Maybe I'll get something done today?

Unfortunately today hasn't started off too well.  When I first awoke and went to feed Sapphire I noticed that the gate to the front yard was open.  When I went out to close that, I noticed that the door to the garage had been left wide open.  Inside the garage, the door to my car was open (inside it the console cover was open and the visor had been flipped down to check behind it), plus it was obvious someone had rifled through the file cabinet and various boxes in the garage.  I'm happy to report that Pokey is still in the yard, safe and sound, and as far as I can tell nothing of mine was taken.  But Alex may be missing some of his stuff.  
(We do have LOTS of birds around, 
but somehow I don't think we can blame this on them.)

Luckily Tom has been keeping his shop locked, and all seems safe out there!

I tried to text Alex (he spent the night elsewhere - after partying hard?) but my phone won't turn on.  So that's one more thing I'll need to deal with.  It was fully charged when I turned it off last night.

The rest of the day will go better, right?

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