Sunday, September 30, 2012

My mouth and face feel less sore today, so I'm quite relieved.  The first meal I tried to eat was dinner last night, which was tricky and hurt my tooth every time was I wasn't careful enough.  No real surprise that it took me quite a while to finish, what with needing to cut tiny pieces to deliver to the back of my mouth, and then having to think about how I chewed each one.  
I've always tried to take good care of my teeth, because as Dad used to say, "Be true to your teeth when you're young and they won't be false to you when you're old."  But on a certain level I took them for granted.  Sorry for that, teeth!

We will be leaving in a bit on our trip up to the North Rim, Antelope Canyon, and (possibly) other points north into Utah.  We have no real itinerary after the first couple of days (it all depends on my energy level) but you can be sure we'll take this exit if we see it!

I'm still quite tired in the afternoons, and most days I nap.  
At the very least I get horizontal and read or watch TV...
at home in my own bed!  :)

Not sure if I will have internet access where we stay. Wait....let me amend that.  Not sure if I will be able to figure out how to access the internet where we stay.  So I may not be posting until we return home.  But I sure hope to take lots of pretty pictures, which (of course) I will share.
  Think of me being on a grand adventure: 
NO doctor visits, NO medical procedures, 
and (major bonus!) getting out of the house!  

Pretty exciting all the way around!!!

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