Saturday, September 29, 2012

 Bunco, fun as always, ended at 9:30 last night, and I was the first one to leave (way past my bedtime these days!) Walking home along Yorkshire I tripped over a rock and went down hard. In addition to banging up my right hand, right knee and left shin, I did a full face plant - as a result I knocked one front tooth loose and chipped several others.

 My front tooth was hanging at a weird angle and also considerably lower than the other front tooth. As soon as I got home I called our dentist, and within half an hour he met us at the office! (I thought he'd tell me to come in tomorrow, but apparently we needed to do it right away to give us any hope of saving the tooth.)

The good news is that I broke the bone and not the tooth. He got the tooth back into place in the socket without too much difficulty and then put a brace on it; hopefully in 8 weeks or so when the brace comes off all will be well, although at the very least there will have to be some fillings. I did get nervous when he mentioned other possibilities (root canal, implants, etc.) in case the tooth doesn't 'take'.

In the meantime he wrote me a scrip for some antibiotics 'just in case' I start to get an abscess, so we're still good to leave on our mini trip Sunday.  (Which reminds me... I may be off the grid for several days, but don't worry about me!)

 And one hour after my latest escapade (no comments, mom) we were heading back home, (almost) as good as new. Another casualty of my fall was that I dropped my Thermorest but I couldn't find it, and neither could Tom when he went off to search for it.

No idea how much my after-hours clumsiness is going to cost, but I'm beyond grateful that Dr. Johnson was available, although I did feel guilty about disturbing him on a Friday night. But he was most gracious and said that's his job; in fact he said he would have been upset if I'd waited to call until today, when it would have been too late to save the tooth.

We've always been happy with him, and this is just another example of the excellent care Dr. Johnson gives his patients.
This morning my jaw and face are sore, and eating may be a tad difficult (Tom was planning corn-on-the-cob with dinner tonight, but obviously that's not going to work for me) but otherwise I feel pretty good.  As soon as Walgreen's opens I'll drop off my Rx, and then it's off to the movies with Patti.

Hope YOUR weekend is off to a great start!

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