Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My new cell phone arrived via FedEx yesterday afternoon and I headed right over to the Verizon store to get it activated. On the plus side, it has Bluetooth capabilities - and is now actually hooked up in my car! The bad news is that the tech guys at the store were not able to retrieve and transfer my contact list from my dead phone.
 Of course if this was TV or the movies they would have had no trouble pulling up the lost info,
 but I live in the real world.

The new season for Jeopardy started yesterday but I couldn't find it at its regular time. A search on the Internet let me know that it has moved from 4:30 on channel 15 to 7:30 on channel 3. Wonder what's up with that? But at least I found it; just had to wait three hours for my daily fix.

Today was my last day of  'regular' radiation; in preparation for the remaining 5 'boost' treatments I underwent another lengthy muscle-cramping picture-taking session, with more pictures tomorrow.  (They knew being motionless today for over 30 minutes was bad enough!)  Sigh.  But with a little luck my rash will start receding in a few days.   

And for those of you keeping track (I know I am!) I am now 83% done with radiation. 

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