Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Over the weekend in Wickenburg I took a picture (with my cellphone) of a lovely vest, and then wondered how I could share it with everyone since I don't have internet on my phone.  Then I came up with what I thought was a brilliant solution (I am a technology immigrant after all) and was so proud of myself.
I'd just send it to Alex's phone, and then have him e-mail it back to me, at which point I know what to do.  He did as I requested.... but added that I could do it myself and bypass his phone.  Somewhat (okay, really) doubtful, I followed his directions with another picture, and VOILA! it worked. And now I've learned something new.
FYI this woman (whose name I didn't get - or her face.... LOL) sang with her friend (whose vest it is) in the Specialty Duets competition.  Did not mean to chop off her face, but (obviously) I'm still not very good with my phone camera.  In fact I rarely remember that I have that option since it's a new phone and none of my others even had a camera.

Pokey was not happy over the weekend with the chilly weather, and stayed in her burrow.  
When she finally appeared yesterday afternoon I got Tom to lift her onto a towel and then drag her across the yard to her winter quarters on the porch. Now that she knows it's available she should amble on over on her own each afternoon when the sun starts to dip in the sky and temps fall.

I am off to the dentist later this morning.  While back in Maryland I realized that I actually had 2 loose teeth from my stupid fall, and thus the loose front one is actually 'anchored' on one side to another loose tooth.  Not an ideal situation (and why I still am not able to bite anything more than a banana!) and need a knife and fork to eat a sandwich!

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