Monday, November 12, 2012

I had a WONDERFUL WEEKEND in WICKENBURG at their annual bluegrass festival!  
Friday I drove up with Jan in her RV, and Patti came up just for the day on Saturday (she brought 2 pans of the most delicious brownies that were a big hit!)  The music was fantastic (as always) although the weather did leave something to be desired.  Because of the storm front that came through everyone was bundled up (I had on a thermal shirt, a turtleneck, a heavy sweatshirt, and Tom's arctic parka - and of course gloves and a ski cap for my almost-bald head - and then wrapped my quilt around me) and the musicians had a hard time keeping their instruments in tune but we were all glad to be there for the good tunes and good times.  (It was the perfect time to trot out Sam McGee and regale listeners who were unfamiliar with him.)  
I did stay warm and toasty in Jan's RV - she was a wonderful hostess (piled another blanket on me when she got up during the night and was afraid I was cold.)  And parked right by us was Mike Wallace (the festival chairman) so in the evening we got to sit around the fire and listen to him jam with MC Bill Breen and his wife Lynn.  I'm proud to say I've been a loyal attendee since the inception of the festival - been to 32 of the 33 Wickenburg festivals; only reason I missed one year (in the early 90s) was because I was in Maryland.  If you've never been to one, I highly recommend it (and usually the weather is delightful - did I mention that on Sunday I was stripped back down to a t-shirt?) 
I bought a couple of CDs, a major sized bag of kettle korn and a few other items from vendors for holiday gifts so I did my part to boost the local economy.

Time to get my day started.  Later I hope to finish up my tales from the Maryland trip.

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