Thursday, October 11, 2012

This morning was laundry day here and over at the cottage.
Almost caught up in that department!
It was wonderful having Marcela (and her sister and mom) here over the weekend, and they certainly enjoyed having the use of the guest cottage.  (Thanks, Mom!)

On Sunday afternoon Ramona & Marcela enjoyed the pool
(Margarita and I were just fine sitting out and watching.)

Then we headed off to Tempe Town Lake to rent an electric surrey boat and then have a picnic dinner. I'd seen the lake from the car, driving by, but this was my first time actually visiting the park.  Very nice for boating and picnicking, as well as walking dogs, riding bikes, roller blading, etc.  And since it's right next door to ASU, it gets a lot of use.

Ramona by the bridge

There was quite a line for the boats, and the people in front of us rented the last one.  Happily we only had a short wait for one to return.

from left to right: Marcela, Bobbi, Ramona, Margarita

Plus we invited the folks behind us (a couple with a 4-year-old) to share, since it seats 8.  It was a win/win situation, because that cut the cost in half for all of us.  Plus it turned out we had a lot in common: Antoine (a recent Phoenix transplant) is originally from Baltimore, Elena is also the name of Marcela's daughter, and Alex is the name of my son.

Antoine got us past the bridge, then Ramona took over.

Alex, who had been whimpering in line (he was afraid of going in the boat) was a much happier camper once we got going - and he got to drive!

Ramona & Margarita checking out the ducks

This morning Sapphire had her annual visit to the vet.  She hasn't been doing well lately (not that surprising, since she turned 16 in August) and I had a talk with the compassionate vet about whether or not it is time for the Big Sleep.  I made sure he understood that I am willing to put up with her accidents, etc. - just don't want her to suffer.  He gave her a thorough going-over, and agreed that her
is severely compromised.  So now I'm just waiting to see when Lisa can come up from Tucson to say goodbye (Sapphire was a gift for her 6th birthday.)  I've never had to put down a pet before; while I am not looking forward to it, I certainly intend to stay with her at the end.  Of course it's entirely possible that 'things' will happen and take the decision out of my hands.  In the meantime the doctor has given me Prednisolone to help with her discomfort (apparent neurological problems with her hips/back legs.)  The other surprising thing about this morning's trip in the car is that (for the first time ever!) she was silent during the ride; usually she cries like she's being tortured.

Louise came over today to pick up her notebook that she left behind at Foothills Quilting yesterday.  We had a nice visit (I thought she'd been here before, but apparently not) and I got to show her all my UFOs and PHDs.  Pokey was out and about, so Louise also got to meet her.  

Tom did a lot of weed-eating and trimming in the backyard this afternoon.  I helped out by sweeping the porches, skimming the pool, trimming a hedge, etc.

Did I mention that I woke up to rain this morning? (Yes, we get irrigation tomorrow.)  So it was overcast much of the day, and cooler than usual, which was nice for working in the yard.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 10-15 degrees cooler!  

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