Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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The Onion pretty much nailed it.

The waiting room at the oncologist's office this morning was pretty packed, so it was no surprise that they were running almost an hour behind.  (I think they had several emergencies; I do know that the couple waiting next to me had been at the hospital much of the night.)  Once I finally got in, it was a very brief visit with the doctor (everything's going well, my labs were great) and then headed in to chemo; given the crowd in the waiting room I was somewhat surprised that not all the chairs were taken.  I opted for the steroids again (with my trip to Maryland coming up next week I do NOT want to risk dealing with the possible itching reaction!)  This session the Benedryl walloped me, so I stuck around afterward until I was 'sober' again.  It was nice that there were still empty recliners so I had a comfy spot to relax and wait.

Once home I stretched out in front of the TV and ended up dozing for the rest of the afternoon, catching bits and pieces of several shows.  The one on the Kennedy assassination and the Secret Service was interesting (at least the parts I heard.)  After dinner Tom and I watched an excellent episode of "The Men Who Built America" on the History Channel, the segment about Rockefeller.   When that was over at 8:00 it dawned on me that tonight was the second presidential debate, which I had been planning to watch.  Too late... it had just ended.

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