Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilting this morning was fun (as always!)  Lynn Keough (in charge of the annual AQG Quilt Show coming up in March) was there, and got us pretty pumped up for it.  Not that it's very difficult - the show is always wonderful, and I never miss it.  Well, almost never.  This past March I just didn't have the energy to go.  
Low energy is great if you're an appliance, but otherwise.... not so good!

Today we saw the results of the Stone Soup Challenge.  What fun! I had been encouraged to display mine (even though it didn't qualify for judging since I didn't incorporate all the pieces into the quilt) so I did bring it.  
There were more entries than this, but a number of ladies weren't there to hold theirs up - just sent them in for the challenge with friends.

The ladies are so creative.  This one, by Joan, was the winner of the preemie size category.  
It was exciting because Joan is a new member, and (more importantly!) a new quilter.  She's currently on vacation, but Mary Ann called her cell phone so Joan could get the thrilling news and hear our applause.

Voting is always hard - I whittled it down to about 6 choices in the preemie quilt category (the largest category by far) but then ran into real difficulty.  I liked all the different modes of transportion Louise incorporated into hers.

I loved Sharon's idea of turning hers into a circus train - cute monkey!

Bright colors AND various modes of transport - what's not to like? 

In the larger size, it was hard to choose between Mary's

and Linda P's.

Cheryl almost didn't bring hers, but bet she's glad she did; her 'boy and his dog'  won in the 'other size' category.  (The 9-patch is the backing of her block.)

Before my camera battery died <sigh> I did get pix of some of the Show & Tell portion of the meeting.

Linda H. used the method for making 4-patches that Carolyn told us about at the last meeting (and that I want to try.)

Then she quilted it with adorable owls!

Ruth AND her husband Wayne have been having a rough year medical-wise (sadly it's still on-going) so we were so pleased she made it to the meeting today - and brought along this cute Snowman.

Today's meeting took longer than usual, so I was considerably later getting home.  Apparently there was some excitement in the neighborhood that I missed by 5 minutes; a helicopter was hovering right overhead, announcing (to police on the ground?) that it was looking for someone 'in a white shirt'.  Alex hopes it makes the news, because it should show our yard.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to posting more pix from last week's trip.  

In the meantime, go to Google Images and type in completely wrong and see what pops up.  (Thank you, Marilyn - it made my day.)

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