Friday, October 12, 2012

I had set a goal for myself to start walking the neighborhood once the main portion of my treatment was over, with that date being October 1.  Of course that week it turned out I was walking plenty (at the North Rim, Antelope Canyon, Bryce and Zion) but today I am off in a few minutes to incorporate exercise (of sorts) into my regular routine.  What a perfect day for it - feels nice and crisp out (at least for AZ) since the high is projected to be only in the 70s.  Tom has more yardwork planned for today, even though the yard is looking pretty spiffy after yesterday - can't waste this weather!

I will start out slowly this morning - just half a mile - but should be able to ramp it up in half-mile increments each day until I reach my goal (3 miles).  After that, who knows?  Alex has been after me for a long time to go to the gym.  I'm not saying that won't happen.... on the other hand,

When I get back I will reward myself by posting more pix from last week's vacation!

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